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The Worship Songwriter Mentorship with Krissy Nordhoff is an incredible tool that will help take you, whether a novice, intermediate or highly skilled songwriter to your next level.  

It’s a one hour, eight week online-class intentionally designed with you in mind to help properly lay firm foundations of not just writing songs but becoming the skilled song-writer God has called you to be.

I recently took Krissy’s 8 week online-class this past spring. Having taken it i can say with great joy that I believe THIS is the songwriting class you have been looking for to help equip you and take you to that next step.  You will get to make new friends, co-write, be part of a song-writing community of like-minded men and women and learn many new things about song-writing you never knew before and all from a Kingdom perspective.

Krissy genuinely carries the heart and tools of the Kingdom for the world around her to help equip them to be who God has called them to be.  Krissy has written and co-written well-known songs like, “Fighting for us”, “Your great name”, “Canyons” and countless more…

There are songs within you that nobody will sing unless you write them.  I believe god is calling you and many to rise up in this hour and be faithful to write this season so together we can sing the songs of Heaven all across the earth like never before.  We aren’t called to be famous but rather God has called each of us to be faithful.  Faithful not to bury our talents and gifts in the ground but to stir them up and use them for His glory and intended purpose.

You can sign up below today. I’m quite sure you’ll be glad you did, I know I’m glad I did! 8 weeks that will shape your identity and help launch you farther into the destiny God has for you.

I believe in you and I believe there are songs within you this season that god is calling forth from the inside out.

WLCO team,

Jenni mcgrew